Banana Granola Cookies.. Roll the Healthy and Delicious!


This  recipe always makes me think of the Tic-Tac commercial  “Only two calories”. and I always want to say “Only two ingredients”. That is absolutely right. It takes only two ingredients to have perfectly tasty dessert. Moreover, they are are sugar-free and flоur-free.

I got the recipe after my co-worker brought some for the team and I could not believe that two ingredients can make such an amazing and satisfying dessert.

It takes a few minutes to prepare the mixture and 15 minutes baking time. After they are ready, it takes no time for them to disappear (Believe me- My personal experience!).

So let’s get it started.


– 2 ripe bananas ( I wait until their peels are brown and the banana is very soft.

– 1 cup of granola ( I use a granola with chocolate chip and cinnamon and the cookies taste delicious. However, you can try with your favorite granola.)

All you need to do is mash the bananas and add a cup of granola. Mix it up and make small balls.  Organize them on a baking sheet and throw them in the oven (395 degrees) for 15 minutes .  In just 15 minutes, your cookies are ready. Let them cool down. The banana flavor by itself brings such a sweetness- that you would never think that they are sugar-free and the crunchiness of the granola with the added flavor of chocolate and smell of cinnamon make the perfect cookie.


This recipe can be a great solution if you have guests coming for an afternoon coffee or your children are screaming for something sweet.

Roll up the sleeves! Bake them and share with us what other creative ingredients you have tried out.Image

Roll the balls in your mouth!


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