Nescafe Frappe Coffee Recipe- Before the Summer is Gone!

Make the coffee go wild! Yes, this is what you do when you prepare a Nescafe Frappe.

When I was little, I was always wondering how adults can drink such horrible tasting drinks like drinks made of coffee. But when I became older, I also started to enjoy the coffee flavor and now I can’t live without the taste of coffee. So, I will give you the recipe of a coffee drink that I know since I was a teenager. It is called Frappe and it started becoming popular in Bulgaria (Southeast Europe- where I come from) probably about 10 years ago.


The origins of this cold coffee drink is Greece and if you have been there you have probably seen that this is the most popular drink there besides ouzo  (of course).

Now, you will have the unique chance of making your own frappe coffee at home. Remember?- My blog is all about making your drinks and food at home!

So, what do you need to get started?


– NESCAFE Classic Instant Coffee ( I would not use any other brand instant coffee because I feel a big difference in the flavor) This one is smooth but yet flavorful.

– 2% Milk

– Sugar (to taste)

– Ice Cubes

– A shaker (if you don’t have a shaker you can use two glasses that fit in each other or a milk frother)

– A tall glass to pour it in it.

Preparation time: 2 min.


To make it you need to add one or two teaspoons of instant coffee (However, when deciding the quantity, you need to know that the instant coffee is an extremely strong coffee- so if you are not very tolerant to caffeine, add one teaspoon).


Add sugar (to taste) and  two to three fingers of water. Start shaking until foam is formed. Image

As you can see on the picture, the frappe that was posing for my pictures 🙂 was not shaken well…so keep shaking …shake it well.

If you are doing this in the shaker, pour the mix with the foam in a tall glass. Then add the the milk half way the glass and top up with the ice cubes.

I need to mention that there are black and white freppes. The black one is the drink without the milk (then you need to add instead of milk a little bit more cold water) The white one is called white because of the milk added. So this recipe is for a white frappe.


Traditionally, the Greek drink is made with evaporated milk (which is delicious), but In Bulgaria (where I come from) people are making it with regular milk..and believe me- it is as good.

And this is the Amazing Frappe I had the last Summer in Mikonos, Greece. Did you see the foam the frappe has? That is how it should be!


Try it out- you won’t be regretting it! To see a video on how to make a frappe with a milk frother, click here.

Did you like the recipe, consider sharing with your friends!

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