My last two weeks in the US were not what I expected..

I was planning on enjoying the loveliness of the city and spend more time downtown. Take some more photos before I go.


However, I stayed mostly home, trying the figure out how to organize my luggage and what  to separate for donations….surrounded by dust and home decorations, clothing, and shoes, what- to-stay-and-what-to-go. It was exhausting only thinking about it. On the seventh day, we were able to get in the car with all the luggage and leave for Ohio. There was barely room for me. I was lucky to get in and be able to move but happy that the time came. The time to go to Bulgaria and then to Canada.

luggage IMG_0778

Then it was the stop in Ohio where our old friends were always happy to see us. Hallo, everybody!!




and Woody


We spent the night there and moved on to our next stop…Lexington, KY. I have never been there and I was excited to see some of things Kentucky is famous for, namely, Horse Racing, Bourbon, and Car Manufacturing.

Here we are at Tedi’s cousin- Ivelin. He was ready to be our guide.

 We were able to stop and see the Woodford Distillery. There, I learned that bourbon can be only made in in the US and 95% of the production of bourbon is in Kentucky. I tasted bourbon for the first time…what an aroma..




Woodford bourbon and a dark chocolate walnut candy.

I believe that I have always liked bourbon ..I just didn’t know it.

The next day we stopped by the Keeneland October Horse Race in Lexington, where I saw for the first time a horse race. I never thought that horse racing could be so exciting. People were jumping and screaming. There was something in the air- pride or passion or.. just an obsession.

 After this experience, it was time to see how  the Toyota Motor Factory in Kentucky was taking pride of it’s production and environment awareness. The tour there allowed me to learn more about the car manufacturing processes and to realize for another time that humans are able to do anything in this world. ( I could not take any pictures, since no cameras were allowed.

 Hope you enjoyed my trip as well and learned something new.

Hey Bulgaria, I am coming… Hey Canada..I can’t wait.



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