Popping like a Jazz Star – Toronto’s International Jazz Festival 2014

Toronto's International Jazz festival

In Toronto there is so much stuff to do in the summer that I sometime feel overwhelmed thinking about what I should choose to do. However, this weekend there was no second thought because Toronto hosted again its yearly International Jazz Festival.

Toronto’s Jazz Festival is organized in an area of Toronto called The Beaches. The Beaches Village has such a laid back atmosphere that you feel like you are on vacation when you walk there. Since I have not taken a REAL vacation for a while, I usually make sure that I enjoy Toronto just as a tourist would during my weekends.

The International Jazz Festival was a new experience for me and I spend almost my entire afternoon and evening there dancing on a Salsa in Woodbine Park, listening to some reggae and some punk by Project Phoenix. There was so much music around every corner! The set up of the event was pretty good. There were thousands of people but it was pretty fast to get from the east end of the festival to the west end. Queen St was closed for cars and the street turned into a parade of music. People were dancing singing, enjoying the deliciously smelling gourmet food from the food trucks. Toronto’s famous food trucks were a big part of the experience – freshly made donuts, tacos, and burgers that could not be easily passed by.

Photography Source: BeachesJazz.com

Compared to what I’ve been at other popular festivals in the city as Roncesvalles, Little Italy, Ukrainian Festival, Greek Town Festival – this ranks as one of the best so far.

To learn more about the festival you may visit Park Benches’ blog.

Were you at the Jazz Festival?


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