In Control of Stress? – Brides-to-be, you need to read this.


You don’t want to be one of these brides, do you?

If you are reading this article you have probably experienced some level of stress prior to the big day. As a bride to be, relatives and friends unintentionally put a lot of pressure on you. They ask you questions about your plan, your dress, your shoes, your wedding bands, your reception which is nice to ask but at the same time, they also apply on you the social pressure. The social pressure that your day should proceed in a certain way, your dress should cost you at least this much, your wedding celebration should be in the banquet hall where the majority of the people from your town/city celebrate. I blame the social pressure for stressing brides out. Social pressure is what takes its toll and makes you feel chaotic, unsure, and from there worried and anxious before and on your wedding day.

Yes, it is an important event. Yes, you want it to be nice and yes, I totally understand that. I feel exactly the same way (I am a perfectionist by the way) but don’t let this societal phenomenon ruin this celebration of love and family and your start of your new life as a couple.

So, I am writing this blog to share with you how I’ve been managing stress for the past year and possibly give you some new ideas or inspiration.

1. Do whatever YOU want!

First and most important is to ask yourself what you want your wedding to look like and you need to do this without asking others of what they think because you would then start being unsure of what you want. Remember, imagine it and do it exactly how you want it without allowing the influence to come from sales people, from relatives, or from vendors. Your finances’ and your taste and opinions are the only ones that matter, be it in the backyard, on an island, in a forest or anywhere else in this world.

2.  Plan ahead!

You probably already know that but for me it was important to plan my wedding waaaay ahead just to make sure I have enough time to browse and collect ideas for myself, talk to the vendors that I like the most and make sure that they do for me whatever I want and not whatever they think is best.

3. Size matters and you decide how big you want it!

I also find it pretty hard to keep your wedding small, especially if your parents have a dozen of brothers and sisters who are married and have children who are grown ups already and have boyfriends or girlfriends. However, this is your wedding day and you have a budget and you have a limit of the guests so don’t let the social pressure make you feel uncomfortable about the decisions you’ve made with your guest list. Therefore, don’t be scared to personally talk to your close relatives  or include in your informal communication with your guests that you would like to keep the wedding small and explain that there is nothing personal about not inviting others that are close to them. I find that making this clear from the start, will save you a lot of nerves down the road.

My wedding is in a month and it will be in Bulgaria which for me is kind of like a destination wedding since it is on the other side of the world but I can admit that stress has not taken its toll on me yet and I hope it will stay this way, even on my wedding day.

…Because I just want to have fun!

Keep calm and marry on!


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