Seasonal Salad with Roasted Red Peppers

Here in Toronto, we see that every September and October there is a different type of red peppers that is long and thin and very delicious when roasted. My mom used to make from these peppers one of my favorite dishes with tomato sauce, garlic and roasted peppers. My grandma used to buy a huge bag of them every fall and my sister and I were roasting them on the balcony (we could do it in Bulgaria) to have them stored in ziplock bags in the freezer for the winter. So in the winter the whole family could enjoy the delicious sweet taste of roasted peppers stuffed with eggs and feta or my mom’s favorite dish.

Today I really had in mind to make a cold salad with roasted red peppers. So on the way back from work I stopped by to get about 8 of them. I put them on the higher level of the oven and I broiled them from all sides until the skin of the peppers can be easily peeled. All together it took me 20 minutes.


After the peppers are roasted, I carefully take them and while rinsing them with cold water I remove their skin. You must be cautious when doing this because in the process of broiling them , their hot juice stays inside of them and it can easily burn you.

However, if you are not starving as I am, you can transfer them in a cooking pan and cover them for about 15 minutes so that the skin separates easily and they are a bit cooler.

To remove the skin I would use some kind of gloves because the red pepper pigment easily ruins the color of your nails and your skin.

After they are peeled and cleaned, I put them in a deeper salad dish, I smash 4 cloves of fresh garlic, I add a bit of fresh parsley and dill, salt, and pepper and I leave in the fridge for  about 20 minutes or until peppers are cool.


That salad can be served with some freshly baked bread at the dinner table. I specify “at the dinner table” because you don’t want people to be running away from you after the 4 cloves of fresh garlic that you just had added to the salad.

roasted red pepper salad

How did yours turn out? Did you like it?


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