Planning My Wedding in 3 Days Without a Wedding Planner

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs about the fact that I was planning my wedding. The wedding was in my home country Bulgaria on September 6th. It turned out to be the most popular day of the year for weddings. Therefore the newlyweds were in and out the churches like products on a factory line.



Did you imagine that?

I decided to officially get married a day earlier at the city hall. Just a small ceremony with our parents. On the day of the wedding we just got married in the church and had a reception. That was the best and most convenient option for us taking under consideration that I had just three days in our city to organize all the details related to the restaurant menu, the wedding cake, the dj, the photographer and the wedding decorations.

-Three days? How did you do that? – Well, it is doable but it is also stressful.

I did my research on the internet and contacted all the companies and institutions that were involved and told them about my situation and the fact that I needed to plan my wedding in 3 days. I asked around for quotes and for availability and explored some wedding forums to find out about feedback on their work. This I did for the wedding decorating agency, for the photographer, the DJ, and the restaurant. Since I had family there, I asked them to meet with them and give them аn advanced payment that they requested. All the information of their contacts, my requests and ideas, questions, and payments I kept in a yellow folder that I was planning on carrying anywhere with me the days before the wedding just to make sure I had everything handy.

Another part of my planning was the beautification part of it.

wedding photography collage

I purchased my wedding gown from David’s Bridal and matched it with my Calvin Klein shoes and my mini sparkly purse. Then, after pinning for hours for ideas on bridal makeup and updos (which by the way was my favorite thing of all)

wedding gown

Calvin Klein Bridal Heels with Flowers

I had an idea on how I wanted my hair and makeup to look like. I chose “up” and “minimal”. However, my plan wasn’t to go to a beauty salon to get all of this done but to do it on my own. (I just did not have the physical time to “splurge” on my half day before the wedding to get my hair and makeup done somewhere else.) So, I did it on my own two hours before the wedding. I looked at it like I am just going to get ready for a club. I did good.

bridal updo

3 Days Before the Wedding

I met with the restaurant managers talked about the organization of the tables, the exact number of the guests and their choices for dinner, the alcohol handling and my requirements about serving.

I also met with the pastry chef at the hotel where the restaurant was located and brought a picture of the cake and ornaments that she needed to make it exactly like on the picture. She explained to me that not every filling and cake layer could be good for a multi layer wedding cake. So together we discussed the options and customized it to meet my requirements. We even did some tasting (which was amazing!) I chose a cake with creme brulee filling with pieces of walnuts and chocolate layers.

wedding table in yellow

the wedding gift box

love sign for a wedding decoration

The view of Danube River from the Restaurant

The view of Danube River from the Restaurant

A day before the wedding day I met with the photographer and explained to her how the wedding will be held and what moments I would like her to shoot. I also explained to her that I would like more natural looking pictures that would show the actual moments in their real light. The girl was very nice and understanding. The only thing I regret was that I did not ask what kind of equipment she was using just to make sure it is good enough to have crystal clear pictures from the wedding.

I also met with the DJ so that he could explain to me what program he had for the wedding reception and to make sure that he got all of my songs and first dance song all in tact and ready. I also made sure that the music was just loud enough for people to talk during dinner and later get louder for them to have fun on the dance floor.

I also went to the flowershops and asked for the seasonal flowers that they had available. I thought that the seasonal flower would remind me about the season our wedding was in and also because of the fact that the flowershops have plenty of seasonal flowers to design your center pieces, wedding bouquet and boutonnieres within a short time frame. Mine was pretty crunchy – just a day. Oh wow!

For the wedding decoration agency, I had outlined requirements for the colors, the materials and decorations, I wanted and picked the final details in the last minute such as the church candles, the traditional wine glass from which we share wine, and the boutonnieres and bridal throw-away gifts for the guests.

A recommendation: If you are planning your wedding within a very short period of time, I would recommend to you is to do everything on your own or with one more person because when you meet up with more friends the process slows down. You know – everyone runs on their own pace. Meet up with them at night for dinner and have fun after you’ve completed the planning.

wedding preparation

On your wedding day, just try to enjoy the moment.



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