6 European Cities, Million of Experiences I Will Never Forget

We love travelling which is why my husband and I celebrated our marriage by travelling in Europe. We planned a trip to 6 cities within Europe: Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, and Milan.  

What is Europe without a cup of espresso..

What is Europe without a cup of espresso..

Vienna Trip


The trip was of course unforgettable but also precisely planned since we had only one and a half days in each of them and two and a half in Paris since everyone was telling us that we’ll need more time for this amazing historical city. To minimize the expenses for the trip we looked for different itineraries and what I mean by that is that we looked for the best way to get to these six cities for the least amount. We realized that if we picked to go from let’s say Prague to Paris was more expensive than from Budapest to Paris and also it was cheaper to fly from Amsterdam to Milan than from Paris to Milan. Also for some of the destinations, certain days were cheaper to fly than others.


Prague – Weekend Food Fest



So what we did was, we made a list of all the European cities and the ones that were close to each other were always following each other on the list. Then we were flexible with the order of the destinations.

After putting a lot of thought into this, we decided was that it did not make sense for us to fly from cities that are a few hours away from each other by car so we took Eurobus which I was a bit sceptical about but it turned out to be one of the best ways of transportation I’ve ever used. The busses were modern, clean, and very comfortable. There was a lot more legroom than on a plain. There was free wireless and a “clean!” bathroom. The buses were modern and we had to be there 15 minutes before the departure time. I was able to talk to my sister over the internet, use social media, and listen to music. On top of it all, the busses passed through small cute villages that I thought was an add-on to the whole experience.  We took a bus from Prague to Vienna, Vienna to Budapest.

Then from Budapest we flew to Paris – stayed there 3 days and then flew to Amsterdam and from there to Milan.



Schoenbrunn Castle Vienna

Schoenbrunn Castle Vienna

Funny fact about my trip:

The interesting part about our trip from Paris to Amsterdam was the fact that Air France was on strike for the first time for more than 3 days in the history of the company. We were two of the lucky ones to be affected. We thought – whatever, this is Paris we would love to stay here one more day. However, in the night before our flight their website updated our flight and we were supposed to fly combined with the passengers of a couple more flights to Amsterdam and our flight was late with just 1 hour.

What multi-city trips in Europe have you done and how did you travel between them?


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