Last Season Is So In Season


Oh, Rain Boots! That was one of the things that if you asked me if I would buy I would have said tough “No”.  For me they were heavy, uncomfortable, not even stylish for my taste and look at me now. I own a pair. Wow!

I  am a very practical person and I love to purchase items that I am going to use for a looong time (with some small exceptions). And as a practical person, I must admit that rain boots were one of the most practical purchases I’ve made.

When I was selecting the pair for me, I was browsing through a lot of websites all over the net – in the US and in Canada thinking that I would find a deal online (my old habits from since I was living in the US). Not the case here. My research confirmed that Canadians love shopping in store and love getting their deals in store.

So pretending to be an “old” Canadian shopper I did what Canadians do and walked in the store (Capezio on Bloor and Bay) and guess what I found the rain boots that I liked the most of all with a 25% discount, they were the last pair and they were exactly my size. Was I lucky or not?

I got the navy/brown colour with a worn-out look – another reason I find them different than the majority and another reason why I love them.

Navy Blue and Brown Hunter Boots

Hunter – Navy Brown Sandhurst Carlyle Rubber Wellies A high-gloss rubber wellie featuring a contrast top with an embossed logo stamp for traditional and classic wet-weather style. ;rubber heel, embossed logo decal; round peep toe; pull-on style

IMG_3731 IMG_3724

Now, I am still enjoying them, especially on days like today’s… Canadian weather needs a pair of Hunters in my closet.

What is your favorite pair of rain boots?


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