Flying on a Budget – Our Last Trip in Europe

If you’re following my blog, I previously blogged about how we planned our trip in Europe but I wasn’t very specific about what website we used to plan all the flights and also the technicality of booking flights. In this blog you will learn more about what website we used to find the best priced flights between the different European cities we traveled and what steps you should be taking with when booking your next flights.

Flying above the Alps on our trip to Zurich. A view from the airplane.

Flying above the Alps on our trip to Zurich.

I need to continue my blog with the fact that my husband is the best trip planner I know (hands down) and he really knows how to do his due diligence to make sure he find the best flights for the least amount of money spent. He is trusted by his friends, family and of course me. He has organized trips to the Carribean, all of over the US, cruises, and flights around different cities in Europe. I always tell him that he should become a tripadvisor because he knows what to look for when booking flights, when booking hotels, when choosing transportation between destinations, how to estimate the actual stars of hotels (TIP: the actual stars of hotels are not the stars. The stars are stars given by visitors), etc. That is why I interviewed him today and decided to write about all the insights you probably want to know before you book your European Trip.

The first and most important tip that we would give you is to try and use the flights comparison website. We use SkyScanner to be efficient in our search.

See below how Skyscanner described it services.

“Find the cheapest flights anywhere with Skyscanner! Search and book for free on hundreds of airlines and thousands of destinations worldwide. Skyscanner is simple and fast. And it’s free to use! Compare low cost flights to Europe countries then book your airline tickets directly by clicking through to agency and airline sites.  If your travel dates are flexible we can show you the cheapest days in the month to fly. And if you’re in the mood for adventure you can search on Skyscanner from your chosen departure airport to everywhere. So the only question left is… where to now?”

Skyscanner scans all websites for flight tickets and displays the cheapest ones possible. These websites can be from the actual airline websites  or websites like that sell tickets for different airlines. When you select a ticket you are being transferred to the ticket source website where you may book your flight.

You must know that some websites try to charge you for add-ons they offer to up-sell/cross-sell you and it can be sometimes tricky. So when you book your flight we would recommend you to make sure that you have enough time to be thorough and read carefully before clicking on any button because you may end up with some type of insurance or being a loyalty member.

Also, you must know that airline companies sometimes offer “good deals” but if you don’t read through you will end paying more pennies for luggage or overweight luggage than if you have flown with a bit more expensive flight.

Before booking, always read:

  • what size carry-on they allow,
  • how heavy check-in luggage they allow before they charge you for overweight,
  • if you can pay for your check-in luggage online in advance at the time of the booking or a few days prior to your flight. If the case of being a few days prior to your flight, make sure you write yourself a reminder on your calendar so that you remember to pay for your luggage online so that the airline company doesn’t charge you 50%-100% more at the airport. TIP: Remember, airline companies rely on you to forget.

If you don’t want to check-in your luggage at every airport, consider taking a carry-on. It would be a lot faster and cheaper to travel, especially if it is a multi-destination trip like our latest one.

Before clicking on the “PAY NOW” button, please insure that you have not added accidentally an insurance, or some kind of optional service you never actually wanted in your cart. This will avoid a lot of frustration and phone calls on your side.

Helpful tip: Sometimes companies offer cheaper flights but that is because they do not fly to main airports so always check what airports the airline companies have contracts with before making your purchase so that you organize your trip better/

Flying above the Alps on our trip to Zurich.

Flying above the Alps on our trip to Zurich.

I hope all of tips we’ve learned throughout our travel experiences will help you make better decisions and I hope you’ve learned something new from us. All the information and opinions provided are based on our own experience. This blog is not sponsored in any way by any of the companies/websites mentioned.


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