Holiday Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This summer I tried to make homemade chocolate covered strawberries for the first time and it turned out to be one of the simplest yet sophisticated desserts that I’ve ever made. I used Lindt 80% dark chocolate and fresh strawberries to make a surprise birthday gift to my husband who doesn’t eat any other chocolate than a dark chocolate. It was the perfect substitution to a chocolate birthday cake. Now, I will use the same dessert for the Holidays.


Although strawberries are not in season you can still find them in the stores and make this delicious and wonderfully looking fresh dessert to surprise your family and guests or give as a gift to the host.

All you need is fresh strawberries and a 100% dark chocolate bar.

First, wash the strawberries and dry them with a paper towel. Make sure you keep the strawberry leaves undestroyed.

Warm up in a frying pan the broken into pieces dark chocolate and stir it with a wooden spoon until completely melted. Take a strawberry and dip it and rotate inside the pan to cover all sides equally and let it sit on a big plate covered with wax paper. What I recently learned was that as you set each berry down, slide it ½ inch to the side to prevent the formation of a chocolate “foot”. Repeat. Refrigerate at least for about an hour.


If you would like to surprise someone with this homemade gift, you can place the strawberries in a paper holiday box with a bow and write a Holiday Message.

Good luck! Let me know how your holiday strawberries looked like.

Source: Zoomwalls

Source: Zoomwalls

Happy Holidays!

Source: ZoomWalls

Source: ZoomWalls


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