20 Interesting Things I Saw in Paris.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Today I will share with you some of the most interesting things I saw in Paris during my 3 day stay there, including some world-known sites as well as little things that were interesting to me because I have not seen them anywhere else but in beautiful Paris.

1. The Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) – you can walk through the gardens and just explore the peaceful beauty. This palace was  built in 1611, by Marie de’ Medici, the widow of Henry IV and the regent for the King Louis XIII decided to build a palace in imitation of the Pitti Palace in her native Florence, Italy. The gardens are now known for its lawns, tree lined promenades, flowerbeds, and model sailboats  on its circular basin.



2. When we visit cities we walk a lot and we go through the neighbourhoods to really understand the city and see how locals live. We saw something very interesting which was the homeless people’s  homes (tents) that you could see all around the city. Some of them had outside gardens with flower pots (just look at the picture below) and I even saw a library. I am just wondering what they do in the wintertime and whether Parisians still call them homeless if they were provided with “homes” like these.



3. The smallest elevator I’ve seen in my life. This elevator is the true experience of an old Parisian building. It opens with two rows of metal nets instead of a door and while you travel in it you can see all the doors. Just try to fit in two people with a couple of luggages inside and you will really understand how small it is.

small old elevator in Paris

4. Of course, the Eiffel Tower alongside all the most annoying “flower and souvenir dealers” I’ve met in my life. Make sure you see it during the day and during the night. It is a truly amazing architecture that people say that Parisians hated when it was initially built.



A day view of the Eiffel Tower. Copyrights: Elena Trifonova

The Streets of Paris. Copyright Elena Trifonova

5. Not just I saw but I also tried my first official French Dinner with duck meat and red French wine. It was of course delicious! We love to do what locals do and we went to a small neighbourhood place where there were no tourist at all and no one spoke English. I don’t even know how we ordered.

My official first dinner

6. Walked on the famous street of Champs Elysees. I did not sit down to eat at any of the restaurants in this highly busy area of Paris nor I shopped, but I was able to windowshop and that was an amazing experience by itself. World famous fashion brands aligning its stars on Champs Elysees. I never shop when I travel because the focus and the experience changes if you spend a day in the stores. I am just not a fan…


7. Cute little neighbourhoods with family owned restaurant. I wanted to try every single one of them. As far as I understood locals like to spend their time in their local areas. The cafes and restaurants are always busy. Even during the weekdays. How awesome. This can happen only in Europe.  IMG_2862

8.Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris. This is a cathedral that is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and it’s among the largest and most well-known church building in the world. There was a huge line to get in there but we didn’t wait to see it from the inside. At the end of it you need to prioritize because you cannot see everything in Paris within three days. It is a huge city with long history.





8. A European modern style McDonald’s. If you’ve been in Europe and in North America you will understand that McDonald’s does not look alike from both sides of the Atlantic. In Europe it’s modern, chic, and popular. In North America, most of them are old, run down and unpleasant places to stay.


McDonalds in Paris

10. We also visited little mini tiny cafes where you can sit for hours without being bothered by a server who wants to turn over their tables.


11. I also saw and listened to a street musician playing an accordion (this by the way was a dream of mine) while watching the beautiful city views and eating original French macaroons. Yummy.



12. We saw the famous bridges where couples lock their love alongside thousands of others love locks. No wonder that this is the city of love. (lol)

Paris Love Locks

13. I saw that Parisian love bicycling. I am not just talking about the Paris downtown streets where millions of tourists pass by a day but I am also talking about Parisians who use bicycles for their daily commute. Observing from the side, it seems like a crazy dangerous experience but I guess they are used to it.

bicycles in Paris

14. The character of Parisian Buildings. OMG, I could not stop looking at the French windows. I had to share at least one picture in this blog.

The character of Parisian Buildings

15. The art of art. There are so many museums in Paris that if you want to visit all of them you will need weeks. However, we were able to explore one of them before we walk on the street of Champs Elysees.



16. The Louvre and its huge lines even in a hot weather. It is crazy how many people visit this place and how the lines to go in never end. We saw it with our eyes.


17. The lunch breaks of Parisians. I was amazed to see how people in Paris enjoy their lunch breaks bathing in the sun  by the Luxembourg Gardens. That is my dream lunch as well.

the lunch break of parisians

18. The Triumphal Arch in Paris (Arc de Triomphe)- a a signature structure for Paris. It stands in the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle and is in the western end of Champse Elysees. If you start walking from the Luxembourg Gardens on Champs Elysees you will end of seeing the famous monument that was ordered by Emperor Napoleon in the peak of his fortune and is the center of 8 avenues that are crossing there.


19. Place De La Concorde – the largest square in Paris.


20. The most romantic bridges of Seine River.IMG_2879

Thanks for stopping by on your Christmas  and Merry Christmas to you!



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