SURFSET Toronto – The First in the GTA. Worth it or not?

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This is one of those places that you don’t want to tell anyone about because it is so cool that you don’t want one day not to be able to book a surf because it is that busy. But! At the same time you want to share with the world because of the same reason.
I went so SURFSET  (as seen on Shark Tank) for the first time in the coldest day of this year so far. It was -28 but it felt like I was somewhere in the Arctic; so cold that I did not feel any exposed part of my body. The restaurants I was passing by on Yonge were empty; there wasn’t almost anyone on the streets and I thought I would probably be the only crazy person who is that excited to be a part of the SURFSET training.
But guess what? When I climbed their stair ( they are on the second floor of the building) there was almost a full class right before my class started at 6.30 pm.
To attend the class I had to book my surfboard online and in advance so that you don’t end up going there and not being able to jump on one.
The trainer of our class Lua Emilia (also a co-owner of the training club) was very upbeat and fun but also challenging. I love to be challenged because this is when I see results.

Surfset Toronto class

Surfset Toronto class

The class was called BUILD and was 45 minutes. It was a full body workout focusing on the arms, legs and core. It was fun to add the surfboard to otherwise regular exercises you can do on the floor at the gym. The trainer explained to us that if the board shakes then we exercise our muscles even more because we are challenging them to maintain the balance needed when on a surfboard.

Now you probably get why they say “Shake up your workout!”.

See some types of excercises on a surfboard performed by its founder Mike Hartwick:

All of the classes at the moment are for beginners and are offered at pretty convenient times for 9-5 workers. Find out more here.
It took less then a few minutes to sign up for the class and pay ($24.99 is the fee per class I believe)  or take a credit from your plan (my plan is 5 classes for $95).

The front desk was polite, the changing room was organized. My only comment was the fact that there are no lockers and people go in and out while you exercise and you cannot keep an eye on your belongings.
You would say: Oh, this is Toronto and a person that can afford $25 class wound not take anything that doesn’t belong to them. Maybe that is true but I like being precocious.
Do you agree?
The class was so nicely exhausting that I couldn’t even walk straight afterwords because of my muscles were randomly flexing from the pressure I’ve put on them. Poor them!
I have 4 more classes to go but I am not sure if I continue going there because it is pretty far from my house and work. However, I will definitely spread the word about it and if they open a location near High Park, I will be the first to sign up.
Definitely a class that deserves attention.
PS: I am good at balancing on the surfboard. I am now excited to try a real one if I go back to Hawaii again one day.

Would you try this type of training?

To see more images of how the actual training hall looks like please visit BlogTO.

The fitness studio is located 2841A Yonge St. a little bit north of Eglington.

Operating hours are as follows:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri 7AM-10PM
  • Tue, Thu 6AM-10PM
  • Sat 8AM-4PM
  • Sun 9AM-3PM

Everything I wrote above is strictly my opinion and my decision to write about it was not influenced by anyone including the business.


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