The Sound of My Heels.

Oh, shoes, shoes, shoes….

types of heels
For most of the time I go with the comfortable rather than the sexier when it comes to heels. I love heels and like almost every women I love to look sexy on a date night with my husband or when I go out with my girl friends (all girlie girls by the way).

However, I recently realized that the sounds of the shoe matters to me as much as the heel itself. Just think about it. You feel different (prettier) when you put on your heels but when you start walking, oh, that is when you start really feeling the heart and soul of your shoes.
Different heel sounds make you feel different. Think of the ones that have heel caps made out of rubber. They make the shoes more quiet and when walking they make you feel heavier and sometimes you probably feel that you don’t have heels on just because they don’t make loud tock-tock noise.
Now, start thinking about those heels that when you walk, are so loud that men and women turn around. Even, if they are not your sexiest/prettiest shoes of all they work on your self esteem and even the way you feel like a women.
Now, just put your heels on and listen! Listen to what your heels tell you. Let me know what your favorite heels are.

Now, check out some of the heels that I pinned on my Pinterest Heels Board.0c96daf58d17c07948c1e20d1a1127f41379eaa1928187846764b975339352a6fa717cd5755f48cc3441ff22cc4119cac9adfadabc76b76a862294c05b55a234ea4c003ba4f3e6802055a8519ede8d10


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