My First Beauty Box Ever! Look inside.

Who doesn’t love boxes full with beauty. Beauty in tiny little bottles, jars and tubes that can be dabbed, slathered on, lathered on or even sprayed on. I love looking at the packaging, reading through the ingredients and its effects on the skin,lips, hair; reading through the reviews on them online, and just enjoying the pleasure of unpacking. A few months ago I purchased myself a surprise beauty box that I waited to write about because I wanted to get the chance to trial and experience at least some of the products inside and write about them before expressing my opinion.

This is what I found inside. It’s pack with stuff, isn’t it.



Read more about what my experience and thoughts on them:

Seche Clear Base Coat.

Seche Clear Base Coat is a crystal clear base coat. There is nothing about it that stands out from other brands. I actually had a negative first impression because the cap seemed like a very low quality and there was black dust coming off from it that was sticking to the brush and onto my nails.

IMG_3775 IMG_3776


This Amazing Concealer is really amazing. I ordered it separately from the surprise beauty box. I read some positive reviews about it and watched YouTube videos on it and decided that based on them it would be a good choice. I am really satisfied with it because it is very thick but spreads on easily. Just a small dab is enough to cover up those blemishes and pimples and this tube will last forever. My order came with a bonus – a very good quality concealer brush that I’ve been using ever since.

Note: I ordered Light Golden Colour and although it has “Golden” in its name I would not say that it has much a yellow tint to it.

IMG_3779 IMG_3780

Miracle 10 Rich Moisture

Miracle 10 Rich Moisture is one of the deeply hydrating moisturizing face creams that Miracle 10 offers. As all of the moisturizers in the skincare line, this one also has a hyaluronic acid that is an active ingredient that improves skin hydration, stimulates production of collagen, and works as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, to help maintain skin’s elasticity. You may also find elastin that improves skin elasticity and rosehip seed oil that regenerates the skin. I recommend this type of cream for the wintertime and it is appropriate for normal/maturing and delicate dry skin. It is light for the type of deep hydration it provides and it leaves your skin hydrated but without the feeling of greasiness. Miracle 10 Skincare is Canadian, based in Toronto and it offers paraben-free, fragrance-free, and products not tested on animals.


Rodial Bee Venom Moisturizer – have not tried yet.

It is a London based skincare company that offers anti-aging and firming skincare. Bee Vonum is one of their so called “ranges” and it is an anti-aging range. Working in synergy with complex plant extracts that correct skin tone and promote skin elasticity, bee venom helps to plump and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by controlling muscle contractions and stimulating blood circulation to treated areas.


Chinese Jade Intense Facial Luminous Firming Mask

I have not tried yet. The design of the jar is kind of old stylish and probably targeting a different generation than mine. I would probably give away to someone who would like to try it. Does anyone have a good experience with it?


it COSMETICS Lipgloss by Jamie Kern 

This is the first time when I am trying it Cosmetics product and I can say that I am very happy with this first product I stumbled upon. I just love this color, the feel and smell of the lipstick itself. It keeps my lips hydrated because it apparently contains a lot of essential oils such as avocado oil, cherry oil, shea butter, argan oil, etc. (Find all the other oils list in the picture below). The color of the lip gloss looks very natural on my lips although it seems pretty dark raspberry red in the tube.

I put it on at night and during the day and can be definitely worn every day and on special occasions. I would recommend it 100%.



It is a face serum with retinol that has a very smooth feeling on the skin and it helps maturing skin with its anti-aging properties. It has an amazing smell to it. It can be applied prior to a moisturizer or on its own and it seems to provide enough hydration even when applied on its own.


Elizabeth Grant – Vitamin C Eye Concentrate.

I can definitely recommend this eye concentrate. It is very hydrating and brightening. I can definitely say that I saw results a few weeks after using it day and night. It hydrates and brightens my undereye area. It is more like a serum rather then an eye cream.


Bliss – Cleanser – did not use because I am pretty loyal to my Miracle 10 Cleanser II.


Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Advanced Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve never heard of this hair care brand but I can definitely say that it feels hydrating and washes well. The conditioner almost feels like a hair mask. I would recommend.

Here is a bit of information about Nick Chavez:

He owns a Beverly Hills salon. His celebrity clientele and his prosperous line of hair care products, Nick has become the self-made entrepreneur. Living the exciting and glamorous life that he always dreamed of.


Nick Chavez Hair Salon in Beverly Hills

and here are the shampoo and conditioner I tried


Trind Nail Repair 

This Trind Nail Repair base coat is just amazingly hydrating and shiny. It works best when you file your nails before application. This package came with a book explaining how to use Trind and what’s the science behind it. I loved the whole experience. Thumbs up for this nail product.IMG_3801

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for sensitive skin

When I put it on, I felt that it was working on my skin.I am not sure if I got results from it but my skin seemed to be softer and more glowing. Overall, I have a positive experience. My best friend raves about Juice Beauty which is why I decided to give it a try. You know? Word of mouth definitely works.

IMG_3803 IMG_3804

There were a few more products that I either I did not try or I gave away because I knew that I would never use them.

So here I am at the end of my first beauty review. I hope my comments and experience helped you make a better decision when spending your money on beauty products. I hope you find something you will stick to forever on your next shopping free. Oh, and FYI: I am not a beauty junkie. I usually stick to the products that seem to give me good results. This was my first beauty box ever!

PS: So that you know, I spent my money to buy these products and spent my time to write about them. I have not been sponsored to write about any of this.


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