In the Day of a Digital Marketing Coordinator

work - marketing coordinatorIf you are planning to be in the marketing field of business, you may want to know how a day of a digital marketing coordinator looks like. This blog would help you get a better understanding of what a person in this type of role works on for most of the time, how she/he manages her/his time and what tasks are on the list when it comes to work.

So here you go!

As a digital marketing coordinator who manages social media as well (this is the case with most small businesses), first, you need to know that your job doesn’t end at 5 pm. You are in charge of responding to all social media interactions including customer service and comments. Which is fun for most of the time because you get to interact with bloggers, happy customers posting pictures of their favourite products, but they can be also people asking for advise or more information on your products. Therefore your work day may not have an exact 9-5 work schedule. Having a smart phone will definitely help you better manage that task and receive notifications when your attention is required.

Apps that you must have are: Hootsuite to schedule tweets, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, coordinator on her phone.

Nevertheless, you should also know that if the company you will be applying for is not a “Liberty Village” (all Toronto – you all know what I mean) type of company that offers flexible hours where you can work from home, you would still have to come to work at 9 am. 🙂

Although the overall duties and task from a digital marketing coordinator to a digital marketing coordinator may defer depending on the needs of the company, most digital marketing coordinators may have a similar day to mine. So, find out how a normal day for me looks like:


After arriving at work, I first check my inbox for unread emails related to projects I currently work on, customer service emails related to special offers that customers have received from our mass communications and social media posts that need a response.

emails, laptop, latte

Marketing Performance Analytics

Then I check the weekend sales campaign results – open rate, click rate, conversions/sales. I make sure that the subscribers’ list stays up-to-date by checking new subscribers and make sure they receive a list of email communications all new subscribers are assigned to the so called “welcome/prospecting emails”. I write a report on the performance of the campaign and fill in all the information in a file that allows better tracking of the performance of every campaign.


Social Media Management

Depending on the size of the company, a digital marketing coordinator can play the function of a social media manager as well. As a social media manager, I need to make sure I have a strategic plan on how to grow the related to the business social media platforms, have a daily, weekly, and yearly plan on how to achieve it. In the social media planning I need to take under consideration relevant to the time of the year popular themes such as new years resolution, march break, Mother’s Day, summertime and beach, holiday season. All of the themes are different depending on the industry the coordinator is working in and the fact whether or not the company is targeting consumers or other businesses. Having the plan and the themes, I write the conent of the posts and create the imagery/artwork by taking photography or working with Photoshop to create a visually attractive images for a good eye catch. You must know that different social media have different ways of expression and you would have to ensure that you express the story of the brand with the appropriate wording and visuals.

social media managementphotograph for social media

social media

“People just love stories, share stories, discuss stories, remember stories, think stories, create stories live for stories because their lives are based on stories and are stories themselves.”

girl looking to the sea


As a part of the strategy for social media growth, you must also work on designing and coordinating everything related to giveaways including modifying terms and conditions, making sure that the requirements of the different social media channels are applied, creating appealing pieces of artwork for the giveaway, managing contest prizes claims and winners. Sounds like fun?

miracle 10 skincare giveaway

Email Marketing

After I complete all of my work on social media and make sure that I have all the social media channels covered, I move onto creating the artwork for the email campaigns. Depending on how big of a list of subscribers you have, you may need to create different artwork and offers/newsletters depending on the subscribers and their profile. If that is required, you would have to work on segmenting them. Segmentation is separating the entire list of subscribers into different groups based on criteria. For example, customers or prospects, subscribers with 1 or 5 star ratings, subscribers who have not opened your emails for the past 5 times, subscribers collected from a specific promotional campaign,  skin type, location, birthday, etc. Sometimes segmenting takes a whole a lot of time and sometimes it’s as easy as a click. For the artwork of emails, I need to use my knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As a marketing coordinator you don’t have to have the knowledge of a graphic designer but you would have to be able to work to satisfy the visualization of the brand. And again that depends on the industry of the company. You must also know that some companies don’t even use artwork in their newsletters but most well written copy and a couple of stock images.

email marketing

Influencers Marketing

It is important for the website SEO and the brand exposure to keep in touch with industry bloggers and influencers because they are the trend-setters, the creative and digitally think-tank people whose opinions and experiences people read to refer to when they need someone else’s experience before making a decision. So, as a digital marketing coordinator, you may need to do that as well – which is one of my favourite things in this job because it allows me to stay tuned to new things that show up in the market be it beauty, fashion, household, graphic design or others.

Blog and the City Inner

Blog and the City

Does this type of job sound fun to you? Is this something you would like to do in the future?


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