Visiting Whistler in June


We rented a car in Vancouver and got to Whistler within 1.5 hours. It seemed a very short trip to us to get to this world famous ski resort and former Olympic scene. When we arrived, the first thing we did was to stop at the info center to collect some brochures and learn more about the sites. We parked our car at the free parking (ask the info bureau where it is before you pay for a whole day) and then we left for a hike.

Whistler Village Sign


Whistler Village Biking

Since it was in June and it wasn’t the season for skiing, there were a lot of bikers and special rough sites for them to enjoy the sport. We took off the Whistler Village Gondolas to the Roundhouse lodge in the Whistler Mountain and then to go on the “Peak 2 Peak” 360 view gondola to Black Comb. There were a couple of stops on the way up. We could see Whistler from up there and see the lake, and just enjoy the views for about 20 minutes.

Whistler Gondolas to BlackcombWhistler Gondolas to BlackcombIMG_2495

From the Roundhouse Stop, instead of taking the Peak 2 Peak Gondolas directly, we went for a walk that turned out to be a hike.  We took the Pika’s Traverse Rd to go all the way to the Top of the World Summit at 2,182 m height. We cut through snow walls in the glaciers wearing t-shirts and 3/4 length pants. I am not a skier or a mountain person and I am always cold so it was a strange experience for me to be able to take a picture right beside an enormous pile of snow wearing summer clothing.

IMG_2635 IMG_2609 IMG_2647IMG_2649IMG_2682

After maybe a couple of hours we were back at the Roundhouse from where we took the 360 experience Peak 2 Peak Gondola that is a Guiness World Record-Breaking goldola. The only difference between the 360 experience and the regular gondolas is the fact that the 360 gondola has a glass floor from which you can observe what’s below us.

Peak 2 Peak Whistler Gondola

Whistler Gondolas Peak 2 PeakIMG_2717IMG_2734IMG_2548

After we went back to Whistler village, we had some lunch/dinner and headed out to the Olympic Village for a some photos.

IMG_2748 IMG_2749

Olympic Village Whistler Whistler Olympic Village

The day ended back in Vancouver on the Granville Island, famous for its farmers market and delicious fresh fish from the Pacific. Here are some beautiful views that I snapped on the way back.


Have you been to Whistler? Do you go for hiking, skiing, or bear searching? 🙂

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One thought on “Visiting Whistler in June

  1. Lovely to see whistler in the summer months. Only ever been in dead of winter which was magical… I can just image it in summer gorgeous photography… Thanks for sharing – A wandering memory

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