Not a tea person? Some things change.

There are two types of people: the tea people and the coffee people. A few months ago I was one of the coffee people. Sipping on a double espresso lungo in the morning while getting ready for work, drinking an American brew for a start of my office day life, and a latte in the afternoon hours to survive until 5pm. Coffee for me was not just an energy booster but an irreplaceable part of my lifestyle up until I found out that tea is not only to drink when you’re sick (in my world).

When someone mentioned tea to me, I imagined a bitter cup of dark liquid that just had to be drank for the sake of it. Or? It was a tisane that I had to drink mixed with honey and lemon, reminding me of the days when I was little, and being as one of the cures for a cold.

Up until a few months ago. My cup of daily pleasure changed because I discovered a tea that didn’t taste like any of the described above. I (kind of) discovered a tea company that offers flavours that truly bring pleasure and make any coffee person think twice before filling up their cup.

I am saying that I “kind of” discovered because I knew about this tea from a while ago and I knew its history in the tea industry and the fact that they’re offered at 5 star hotels like the Four Season Hotel In Chicago, but I never actually invested my time in ordering it for myself since I said, I was 100% a coffee person.

Now, I can say, I still have my espresso in the morning and a casual afternoon latte but I have switched my daily “sipping-on-while-working” to tea but not just any tea, I converted to being a Harney & Sons Fine Teas fans…and a big one. In fact, so big, that I tasted over 20 flavours and was able to convert even my co-workers to it because it is that good.

The “conversion” started with the most famous Harney & Sons Fine Tea – Hot Cinnamon Spice. It is a Chinese Black Tea Blend with three types of cinnamon, sweet cloves, and spices. This warm cuppa is so magical that even people that stated that don’t like cinnamon wanted to get it for themselves.


The Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice (and not only) is now offered in Canada by Premium Teas and is one of the most popular fine teas blended by the world-wide known Harney Master Tea Blenders. The tea is the highest quality available on the market and it so smooth that I can say that maybe I have never tasted a good tea in my life. Check it out.

My favourite flavours at the moment are: Bangkok (Coconut Green Tea), Paris (black tea with currants), and of course Hot Cinnamon Spice (also available as green, rooibos and decaf). Check them out.





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