Who am I and What is this blog about?


My name is Elena and I am the girl behind this blog.


I was born in Bulgaria and lived there almost my entire life up until my early twenties. In 2008 I made the most important decision I’ve ever made – to move to the US (Chicago), away from my family and friends, away from my favorite person in the world (my sister) and continue my life path not only in another country but on another continent, on the other side of the world.


I lived in Chicago for 5 years and for those years I learned how to cook,


how to live together with the love of my life,


how to be busy (actually, extremely busy), how to be a foreign who blends in, how to be independent, how to rely only on myself for career advancement, how to save money,how to spend money,

beauty and fashion

how to work hard, how to study hard,  how to enjoy the little things in life, how to enjoy the big things in life, how to protect myself, how to open myself, how to trust and rely, how to be an adult who retains the child in myself. Yes, I learned all of those things and many more.


Two years ago, I moved to Toronto. This time permanently! By plan this was supposed to be the place I call home and I can definitely call it home now although I am still missing some part of my life.


I really love this city and I really enjoy life here but one thing is still missing – my friends..  All of my closest friends are far away and sharing with them my everyday life experiences has been harder and harder knowing that we are all adults who have busy lives or being limited by the time difference.

That was the reason why I started this blog. I needed to share my everyday life experiences. Here you will find all sorts of topics from my life: travel, cooking, life experiences, cultural topics, fashion and beauty, shopping, and random little things that make me happy.



“Life is short and life is freedom. The freedom to enjoy your life is driven by your good choices to: travel and explore, sleep and relax, eat and satisfy, smile and be happy, exercise and rejuvenate, and practice your hobbies. Find a little bit of all here on Need Recipe for Life?” Elena Trifonova

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